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  Central School of China Communist Youth League (thereafter referred to as "the Central School") has been an important base for the education and training of China Communist Youth League (CCYL) cadres in its long history of 64 years. Centering on the overall work of the Party and government and CCYL, the Central School is committed to faithfully communicating the instructions of the Party Central Committee for League organizations and cadres to every student. The training department of the Central School is a functional department responsible for the education and training of young cadres nationwide. The training focuses on theoretical study and research and leadership improvement.

  Curriculum system: The whole curriculum system consists of more than 400 special subjects, which can be divided into 8 categories: the theory of the Party building, the League building and teamwork, political management, economic and scientific education, culture and history, society and law, youth education, current situation and general abilities.

  Teaching mode: The teaching mode includes classroom teaching and question-and-answer session, quality development and field survival training, team development activities, case teaching, typical experience teaching, scene teaching, visit and investigation, research and discussion.

  Training objects: The trainings cover trainings of domestic young cadres, foreign/overseas trainings and investigations organized by our school, and trainings of foreign/overseas young community leaders visiting our school.

  International training: Collaborated with the International Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Commerce, State Ethnic Affairs Commission, Hong Kong and Macao Office of the State Council, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong S.A.R., International Department of League Central Committee and All-China Youth Federation, the Central School has successfully provided trainings for young cadres and politicians of 35 countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America, and young community leaders, college students and high school students from Hong Kong and Macao.

  The Central School has formed up a new pattern of versatile training which puts league cadres training first and young cadres second, faces towards grass roots and opens eyes to the world. With its excellent teaching facilities and advanced education philosophy, teaching mode, teaching and training management system, and first-class education quality, the Central School builds up a platform for the education of young cadres across China, and becomes a window for foreign/overseas youths to know China. The Central School will reinforce its foreign trainings, expand the exchange between foreign/overseas youths and Chinese youths, and warmly welcome the visits of young friends from across the world.